Ten Good Reasons You Should Adopt PubCoder

Ten Good Reasons You Should Adopt PubCoder
By Paolo Albert posted in News

#1 Digital-first output

Layout your project digital-first. Get your assets on the page with the great tools of PubCoder. If you have a well-formed, level based and styled InDesign file don't worry, PubCoder has the perfect tool for you.

#2 Interactivity like no other

PubCoder lets you bring your ebooks to life. Create animations, image galleries, videos with ease. Our development team has created a unique set of tools that allows you to exploit the typical gestures of a mobile device: touch, swipe, pinch, shake, tilt: for each of these events you can trigger an animation, a sound, a video and all sorts of animated effects.

#3 Editing read-aloud made easy

Stressed out with SMIL file and  Audacity tagging? Use built-in Read-aloud editor to synchronize your audio with text. You simply have to a) decide how to split your text into blocks; b) listen to the audio and press on the space bar when the audio file has reached the block...pretty much like karaoke!

#4 EPUB3 fixed-layout compliant

When you are ready to publish a checker will tell you if your file is a well-formed EPUB3 and compliant to device-driven rules.

#5 Do once publish to many, in one single project file

No need to duplicate your project file - with data loss, large files, and confusion. All you need to do is to add a new Workspace within your project, based on the new format or language, and then press Publish. That's it!

#6 Export your project as ebook AND app 

Get your content on (almost) any store, both as an ebook and as a native App for mobile devices. You can publish your project as:

  • EPUB and then deliver it on iBookstore, Kobo, Google Play Books
  • MOBI/KF8 for Amazon
  • iOS App for the App Store
  • Android App for Google Play Store

#7 Exploit the infinite web

Looking for fonts? No problem: PubCoder lets you consult and choose among the thousands of free-rights managed fonts. Same thing with images and icons: PubCoder lets you search and download the great The Noun Project archive.

#8 Continuous R&D

New digital formats, releases and features from the standards, new devices: PubCoder is firmly compliant to its commitment of having a tool always up-to-date of what is out there.

#9 Stable and community-validated software

PubCoder was first released as a beta-free software in novembre 2013. After receiving feedbacks from more than 1500 users, in June 2014 the beta program was closed and the 1.0 stable version was launched.

#10 Licensing model tailored for digital publishing

License is based on period of time and number of users you want to use PubCoder. Once you have a license you can create as many outputs as you like, no limitations are applied.

Paolo Albert

Paolo is responsible for the overall development workflow and roadmap, ebooks and product specifications as well as coding the HTML5, javascript, CSS and iOS exports. Prior to PubCoder, Paolo founded an IT company and spent 15 years helping publishers to develop their own digital products. He is an expert in development and project management on open source projects (PHP based websites and applications), on iOS and based Applications and frameworks. He does R&D in EPUB3 cross-platform development and in HTML5/CSS3 front end web and mobile design and is a speaker at various conferences worldwide dedicated to publishing.