Export your ebook in EPUB3 fixed layout, KF8 Amazon Kindle format, apps iOS and Android format and publish it on the App Store and Google Play store.

EPUB3 Fixed-Layout

Export your project in EPUB3 fixed-layout and distribute it on iBookstore and Kobo store. PubCoder checks the validity of your product against the EPUB specifications and specific-vendor rules.

KF8 Fixed-Layout

Export your project in the latest MOBI format (named Kindle Format 8) and get your content on the latest Kindle Fire devices.

iOS App

Create a multi-layout and multi-lingual application for the iPad and iPhone by including in the same package different layouts according to device (smartphone or tablet), orientation (landscape or portrait) and language. Insert and display remote contents, such as Google Maps, Youtube Videos and any other remote widget.

Android App

PubCoder allows you to export your project as a native Android App, distributable on Google's store. Fully compatible, starting from Android 4.4 KitKat.