• What is PubCoder?

    PubCoder is a desktop application designed to enable authors, illustrators, publishers, creative agencies to create interactive stories in the form of ebook or app.

  • What kind of digital product can be created?

    PubCoder has been designed to create highly interactive digital books, apps and digital interactive content for the web (html5).

  • Who is it designed for?

    It is designed for creative agencies, authors, illustrators, publishers who want to create cross-platform highly interactive digital content as well as convert an existing catalog. PubCoder is particularly suitable for those who want to create and sell ebooks, create and produce digital marketing content and publish on a website simple interactive banners or paid content.

  • What are PubCoder's distinctive features?

    PubCoder provides a set of tools to enhance the book with great interactivity managing multiple digital formats (iOS and android apps, EPUB3, KF8, HTML5) and multi-localization (all languages and alphabets).

  • What does multi-format mean?

    It means that you can export in many digital formats from a single project file, reducing times and costs of publishing and delivery. At present formats supported are ebooks (EPUB3 fixed-layout, KF8 fixed-layout and HTML5) and Apps for Android and iOS devices

  • What does multi-localization mean?

    PubCoder allows you to manage very easily, from a single project, different language versions and alphabets of your product.

  • What kind of interactivity is supported?

    PubCoder has three set of tools:

    • interactivity engine: enables you to attach typical events of a mobile device (touch, swipe, pinch to zoom etc) to connect animations, play video and audio files.
    • widgets: insert all-in-one interactive objects: image galleries, quizzes, drawing canvas, etc.
    • read-aloud: easily edit synchronisation of your text with an audio file.
  • Which digital formats are supported?

    PubCoder lets you export your project as EPUB3 fixed-layout, KF8 fixed-layout, HTML5, iOS and Android Application.

  • What is EPUB3?

    EPUB3 is the latest specification released by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum), the international organisation that develops and promotes electronic publishing and defines its technical standards. PubCoder is a also a member of IDPF.

  • What does fixed-layout mean?

    It is an EPUB specification on how the ebook must me rendered by the Reading System. If fixed-layout is specified, the Reading System must respect the sizes and positioned defined by the EPUB content. This allows you, first of all, to manipulate content more easily, unlike the flowable layout, in which the reader has to set the content on the page, based on the size of the device; for this reason the "fixed" format is often used for children's and illustrated books, as the image needs a fixed positioning.

  • Can I import an existing product in PubCoder?

    Yes, you can import a file from Adobe InDesign.

  • Which are the System Requirements to install PubCoder?

    You need a Mac computer with macOS 10.9.5 “Mavericks” or later or a PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later.

  • How can I download PubCoder?

    Click on the download page, then proceed by clicking on the download button.

  • What do I buy with the license?

    PubCoder is your tool of work, we do not request royalties and there is no limit in the use of the software. Please see here the full table of features.

  • If I have used the TRIAL license will I be able to do it again?

    No, you will not get a second one and you will be suggested to buy a paid license.

  • How do I purchase a paid license?

    If you are interested in purchasing a license just click on pricing, complete your payment via PayPal or credit card or bank transfer. Once the payment is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and the license will be immediately activated. If you have not already done it, you can download PubCoder. If you are a student, school, teacher, university, please contact us to get your discount.

  • Once I have activated a license, how can I start working with PubCoder?

    Download PubCoder, register and create an account. Once you have registered your account, you will have 30 days free trial. Don't forget to verify your account by clicking on the link of the email you will receive within 48 hours.

  • I do not own a credit card and/or I do not want to pay through the Internet.

    No problem: you can make a bank transfer, your request will be recorded on our system and the license will be activated as soon as your payment is verified (between 4 and 8 working days from your order, depending on the bank).

  • If I buy more do I pay less?

    Exactly. The longer the period (more than a year) and the higher the number of licences, the lower our prices will be. We reward those who invest on PubCoder.

  • While I was buying a license, I’ve left the software open: what shall I do?

    The first time you login in PubCoder you need to be connected to internet, this is because the programme verify your license online. Then you will be able to work offline for a maximum of two weeks. After two weeks working offline you need to reconnect again.

  • What happens if I try to login on more than one computer?

    Each time you login a new session is generated on the computer; the last login clears the last generated session, on all computers.

  • I am not online. Can I work offline?

    Yes, you’ll be able to work off-line for a maximum of 2 weeks. At the end of that period you’ll have to connect to the Internet in order to allow the system to control the license on your computer.

  • What if at the end of that period I do not manage to go online?

    The system warns you that it couldn’t perform the verification and you will not be able to use the features of your license. Once you are connected again you’ll be able to login and let the system control your license.

  • How is the license period calculated?

    The time units are considered as calendar units. This means that a a license bought on the 10th of February 2015 will expire on the 10th of February 2016.

  • Will you update PubCoder? Will I have to pay for the new releases?

    No. If PubCoder ever changed the pricing due to some particularly significant release, or give the possibility to add some components, by paying "on Top", the conditions of the existing licenses would remain the same.

    PubCoder is constantly updated, we aim at improvement each day; all the updates will be at the users’ disposal. The users may also choose not to update the software.

  • How do I manage a TEAM license?

    First of all you have to decide how many the team members will be, the length of the license, and then proceed with the purchase. Once the license is activated you’ll be able to invite the members of your team to use PubCoder. The system will send them the invitation and notify them the right to use the license. Please contact sales@pubcoder.com to get a quote.

  • Do the members of my team have to be users of PubCoder yet?

    No, but they have to accept your invitation. If they are not users yet, they will have to register on PubCoder and download it: as team members they will automatically obtain the license.

  • Can I change the Team’s composition?

    Yes, you can add, change and remove users at any time, given the amount of users the license allows.

  • What happens if the administrator scraps the license of a member?

    The member will not have access to PubCoder anymore.

  • Do you foresee discounts or promotions for base price?

    We may do targeted campaigns, linked to promotions on upgrades or anticipated renew (it will be possible to use bonus codes); no bargaining is intended on the prices exposed in the reserved area which are to be considered as conclusive.

  • Who can buy a PubCoder license?

    Anybody, private or company. PubCoder is a company governed by the Italian law, you will be asked to provide your fiscal data.

  • My license is expired and I haven’t renewed.

    No problem. You can buy a new license here.

  • I have bought a license but I regret it. Will I be refounded?

    No, we are sorry about that. PubCoder leaves enough time to decide whether it is the correct choice for your need. Once purchased, the payment is not refundable, as defined by the Terms&Conditions you must subscribe as you create your account.

  • Where are my invoices?

    From the moment your license is active you will find a downloadable PDF in the orders area.

  • What is an extension of a license?

    You can purchase a new license and its validity will start from the end date of validity of your actual license.