Create and distribute your interactive content for all platforms with the most powerful suite for digital publishing


Create without limits.

Bring your content to life with PubCoder, the definitive Desktop Application for Digital Publishing. Start creating your contents with animations and interactions, export your project as a mobile application for Apple Store or Google Play, as HTML for the web or as an interactive EPUB.

Desktop for pros

PubCoder is a desktop application for Mac and Windows. Download and install the software in one click. Insert text, audio, images and videos, fast and easy. Make your content interactive by defining touching gestures and trigger animations, videos and read-aloud. Creating interactive content has never been this easy.

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Features for all.

Layout your content. Make it interactive. Transform it in an app, an ebook, a website. In any language you like. All in one software.


Distribute anywhere.

Make your content available for any device, in any language, on any digital store available. Export your PubCoder project as a mobile application, as an HTML for the web, as an ebook. Use our free app PubReader to test and share your content with your team. Build your digital catalogue with Shelf to sell your digital contents on your custom library App.

Create your content and distribute with Shelf.

Distribute and sell your digital content through in-app purchases or coupon codes from a single, branded app. We will craft and publish it for you on App Store and Google Play.

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Export your content in any digital format, all included.

Export your project as a mobile application for iOS or Android, as an EPUB3 ready for Books and Kobo store or KF8 for Amazon, or as embeddable HTML5 content.

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PubReader, digital freedom.

XPUB files can be read on any iOS or Android device using our free PubReader app: no developer, app store or book store accounts, no submissions, no hassle.

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