Company Profile

PubCoder is based in Turin, Italy. It has been founded by a group of friends with an extensive  experience and expertise in the digital publishing arena.

They have been working for a long time on the idea of making life easier for those who wanted to publish beautiful digital stories; with this in mind in March 2013 PubCoder has been  officially launched into the market as a unique software at the forefront of the interactive digital publishing scene.

We are an active member of IDPF (the international organization dedicated to the development of the EPUB standard), and we participated as invited member to the technical meetings of the Readium Foundation (the global consortium responsible for the promotion of the EPUB3 standard format).

In 2014 PubCoder is included in the shortlist of recommended software by DBW (Digital Book World conference in New York); in the same year Apple iTunes officially recommend PubCoder as authoring tool.

PubCoder Awards

  • award_itunes_2014
  • contec frankfurt 2013