Brazilian author and illustrator Renata Almeida used PubCoder to create a beautiful interactive book, Folia

Renata has 17 years experience in working for creative graphic design agencies. She is currently Creative Director of Pande where she strategically develops visual identities for Brazilian and international brands. In 2013, she made her first book for children "O gato do rabo comprido". For her second book, Folia, she decided to go for a digital version only.

When did you start drawing illustrations?

I have been loving drawing since I was a kid, when I grew up I decided to study Architecture at College, soon I discovered that my real passion was instead for visual communication which led me to my first internship in a Graphic Design Agency. 

When did you start digitally converting your illustrations?

In 1994, when I bought my first computer.

What did you see, what inspired you and seduce you in this new form of story telling?

In 2010 I volunteered as a storyteller for children in hospitals, I’m pretty sure that this activity led me to discover a new vocation: write and illustrate children’s book. In 2013, I published my first book “The cat with a long tail”, it was a printed book. After that I noticed that the digital publication could have been also a valid option, a new market full of potential where I could have had more independence. Besides, I can see how kids love the digital world and how they interact with books. So I thought, why not trying this for my next book?

How did you learn about PubCoder?

I downloaded the trial version and for the whole month I tried it, watched the tutorials, case studies, asked questions to the support team. My knowledge of other graphic design softwares helped a lot but PubCoder was much easier than I thought!

Did you have any experience before with a similar software? Or it is your first time you approach a software such as PubCoder?

No, only InDesign, but it is very limited.

Before using PubCoder, did you feel you missed something capable to trigger and let you express your creativity at its best?

Yes, for sure. I spent like a year thinking that I would have need a developer to produce my book. When I discovered PubCoder, it was amazing. This wonderful software allowed me to produce my book the way I wanted.

How and why you started using PubCoder? What issues has PubCoder solved and which opportunities has opened?

For the reasons I have already mentioned. PubCoder gave me independence. Now I have all the tools I need to give life to my stories in a very professional way. My challenge now will be promoting my book, making people in Brazil and around the world know that my book exists. And even for that PubCoder team is willing to help. 

What do you like best and why, if yes, would you recommend it?

It's a fantastic software, full of possibilities. Most of all, I like the interface, the resources of animation, sounds and video. It is a very complete tool, I highly recommend PubCoder.