Establishing a relationship with PubCoder is the best and fastest way to build your company's reputation as an innovator in the publishing and creative industry. We are looking for creative professionals, trainers, agencies, schools, who challenge us and take part in shaping the new publishing era. Are you interested in partnering with us? Become a PubCoder Certified Expert

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Distribute and sell PubCoder to consumers, small businesses, and individual end-user customers.


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GET CERTIFIED and start providing and delivering training on PubCoder organising courses and workshops.


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Deliver creative, multi platforms and highly interactive products to your clients using PubCoder.

As a PubCoder partner you will get all you need to grow your business and expertise, delivering quality services. You will have access to tools, resources, expertise and incentives to help you succeed and profit.

Some benefits include 

  • product discounts
  • extensive training
  • access to new product demos, early releases, private BETA programs
  • dedicated online and phone support
  • promotional opportunities
  • visibility within the community

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