Audiobooks in Shelf


As many of you already know, Shelf is the PubCoder solution to enable authors, publishers and illustrators to create their own tailor-made library app to easily distribute and sell digital contents on iOS and Android platforms.

Shelf allows to create custom themed, complex catalogs of interactive contents that can be bought by end users using in-app purchases, auto-renewing subscriptions or coupon codes, and can also be integrated with your existing web store / catalog backend, if you have one.

Since the very beginning, Shelf contents had to be PubCoder-made digital publications, but lately we are going towards the direction of allowing authors to also publish different kind of contents, i.e. PDF files.

The latest addition in this field is the ability to put audiobooks on the Shelf. Audiobooks for Shelf can be easily created with a custom tool that we provide, that allows to effortlessly pack MP3 audio tracks together with cover and metadata for the different chapters of the book. End users will then be able to buy or download audiobooks on the Shelf as they would do with any other content in the Shelf, including the ability to listen them offline when an internet connection is not available.

We bundled a simple, beautiful audiobook player on the Shelf with a modern user interface that will make your contents shine on mobile devices. Here’s how it looks like with two different books, notice how the look and feel changes according to the audiobook cover:

Audiobooks Shelf

The audiobook player can of course automatically play the various chapters in sequence, even in background or while the device is in standby mode, and remembers were you left off listening in case you want to pause and resume later.