Up in the air with Nebra Sky Foundation and easyJet


Nebra Sky Foundation, in partnership with Europe’s leading airline easyJet, has launched its first multi-page Shelf containing a series of language discover books for young children. Each book features gorgeous illustrations and wonderful interactive stories created with PubCoder.

During July and August 2021, passengers can download the MIZZI MOZZI App (in iOS and Android) via a QR code displayed on the seat backs inside more than 400 of easyJet’s planes.

The series of Mizzi Mozzi language discovery books for young children is available in eight languages and contains various combinations of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and even Chinese. Thanks to PubCoder’s features, each Mizzi Mozzi book allows children to discover around 20 words in a new language and tap on a word to hear the audio for the correct pronunciation.

A critical feature for Nebra Sky was to ensure that the Mizzi Mozzi books could be downloaded prior to take off and enjoyed in-flight. Throughout the summer, a number of Mizzi Mozzi books will be available for free, courtesy of easyJet. It has been a pleasure to work with Nebra Sky Foundation, and we are very proud that our technology is up in the air!

Discover more on the project’s website.