Made with Shelf: Touring Club Italiano

Touring Club App Mockups on an Iphone

The new version of Touring Club Italiano’s “In Viaggio” application has just been published, created with the “Shelf” technology. The app publishes and distributes editorial content from one of the most renowned publishers of Italian tourist guides. The way in which the app works remains unchanged from the previous one: publication of guides and magazines, with discounts and privileged access for TCI members. Compared to the previous edition, there are two significant differences: Home Page

A completely revised UI / UX

The app has undergone a major overhaul of the graphical interface and content usability. Starting from the basic grid of a standard Shelf, the layout has been enriched using the new layout components conceived for these latest versions of the Shelf, starting from the opening screen, specifically:

The use of CARDS in order to highlight content, both in single mode and in multiple / gallery mode, and as a header element of a specific section The insertion of horizontal sliders of highlighted publications

Guide Page

User and price management

The application is a powerful marketing tool, as it allows the Italian Touring Club to differentiate the offer according to the user’s status, whether it is anonymous, registered, ex-member or currently member of the TCI. Content (Green Guides, Quick Guides and other guides) is sold via in-app purchase, or - as in the case of monthly magazines - reserved for members only.

Multi-format support

Today the application allows you to read not only the PDFs of the magazine but also the guides in EPUB3 format (flowable). The support for the flowable EPUB format is a new, extraordinary evolution of the SHELF product, which now incorporates the standard format among the supported file types, adding to the XPUB (proprietary format that can be exported from the PubCoder Desktop software), to the aforementioned PDF and audiobooks..

EPUB Reader

Under the hood, Shelf proves to have the flexibility of a platform that can be integrated with any external infrastructure: user management and related privileges in relation to membership are in fact served by a third-party solution to which Shelf hooks up via API to authorize access to certain content. Together with the use of the AWS Cloud infrastructure, the software architecture makes the application fully scalable in order to potentially give access to its nearly 300,000 members.

EPUB Reader