Made with Shelf: LEGENTIBUS


There is a new way to learn Latin and new technologies and methodologies. Shelf and audiobooks are two of them, and our clients at Latinitium have hit the nail.

Now famous throughout the European Latin community with their Legentibus app, they help students and enthusiasts to learn Latin through a meticulously curated library. They offer a unique combination of Latin texts, and synchronized audio provides a new learning experience.

Latinitum has chosen to distribute audiobooks and interactive content created with PubCoder through the Apple Store and Google Play Store’s subscription system. You will also find many free books to enjoy and experiment with!

Please find out below all the new features and download the application on App Store and Google play store.


A completely revised UI / UX

The layout uses the new components conceived for these latest versions of the Shelf, starting from the opening screen, specifically the use of CARDS to highlight content, both in single mode and in multiple / gallery mode, with the horizontal sliders of highlighted publications.

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You never stop learning, you never stop adding valuable features to your technology platform, and you never stop listening to your customers. So we have created a new homepage section with audiobooks that allows the user to pick up exactly where he/she left off without having to do one more tap than necessary on his/her app.

Newsletter integration

The application is a powerful marketing tool integrated into Latinitium’s teaching system. To bring the community together and communicate not only with push notifications offered by Shelf was essential to integrate the newsletter system; now, Legentibus has its integration to our client’s Mailchimp channel.