SHELF 2023: Enhanced with Video and HTML5


SHELF 2023 is the ultimate library platform that offers a customizable white-label solution and expands your content distribution capabilities with its new video and HTML5 features. This enhancement allows you to manage and deliver more diverse content, such as video lessons, tutorials, embedded videos, web pages, animations, presentations, and interactive games, alongside your existing publications, PDFs, audiobooks, and EPUBs.

Key benefits of SHELF 2023 with video and HTML5 export support include:

In addition to these new features, SHELF 2023 continues to provide you with complete control over branding, real-time updates, a secure backend, flexible selling options, localization support, built-in readers, DRM encryption, and integration with analytics and custom systems.

Try SHELF 2023 and harness the power of video and HTML5 to create a richer and more engaging digital content experience for your audience.

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