Simple. Powerful. Universal.

PubCoder supports incredible features to make it easy and fast to work on your content. Discover what you can do.

mobile first

Vertical scrolling

Combine classic horizontal content pagination with vertical scrolling to add dynamism and create modern, mobile-optimized content. Control the movement of objects through scrolling to create fantastic parallax, entrance and fading effects. Trigger specific events when the user reaches a certain point on the page. All without code.


Interactivity. Unleashed

Detect all sorts of clicks and touch gestures on your objects or custom interactive areas and bring your content to life with animations, videos and sounds: every layout object can be animated without writing a single line of code or knowing how to use a timeline. PubCoder makes it easy to build complex animations using its intuitive graphical user interface - just like in Keynote, PowerPoint or similar presentation software.



PubCoder helps you to optimize your content for visually impaired users using semantic metadata and alternative descriptions for images, even automatically added when importing images through the built-in Unsplash integration. Content works perfectly with standard screen reader technologies built into mobile devices, like VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack on Android. Using our simple wizard, you can easily add human voice over text-to-speech read-aloud to your content. PubCoder incorporates an optimized font like OpenDyslexic, and its powerful interactivity tools enable you to enhance the text in many other ways.

Shelf Button
Shelf optimizes the entire library UI for screen readers


Image gallery

Insert a gallery of images with captions, customize appearance by adding navigation arrows, image thumbnails and fullscreen ability.



Export your interactive digital content in HTML5 format and publish it anywhere on the web: easily embed it on your website layout or display it as a standalone web app optimized for both mobile and desktop devices and perfect for Chromebooks.

Read aloud

Synchronise text and audio

Want to have your text read out loud with words highlighting? A very straightforward read-aloud editor that will enable you to sync your text with a spoken audio file step by step, fully compatible with EPUB specifications. You can also generate an audio track automatically using text-to-speech functionality built into macOS or Windows.



Challenge your users with a quiz or questionnaire; drop a Quiz or a True/False widget on your page, insert one or more questions with the correct answers, and you are done! Save user answers and trigger interactivity when they complete the test.

Shelf Button
When using Shelf, you can treat those games as assessments and link them to the built-in LMS to gather usage and correctness statistics.


One project file, many languages and screens

Adapt your content for any language, alphabet and screen size. Localizing your content is as easy as choosing another language from a popup menu and editing your text or switching some images. Laid out your interactive content for 16:9 smartphones and now you want to make a version optimized for 4:3 iPad screen? Just add another rendition: PubCoder will auto-layout your content for you can adjust it as you prefer.


Enrich your content with audio and video

Just import MP3 audio files and use them as a background soundtrack, or play them in response to user behavior using actions, combining them to animations to create immersive experiences. Use MP4 video files or embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, layout them on your page or full screen, use the built-in playback controls or create your owns, unleash the director inside yourself :)


Coloring game

Engage users with a canvas where users may draw and color, with the ability to save their works of art. Define your palette of colors, set images to include in the canvas, choose markers and tools.


XPUB and SHELF: the new mobile reading environment

XPUB is our proprietary export format, which allows you to make the most of PubCoder; it is designed to build interactive publications with full Internet access, multiple languages, and renditions support in a single, optimized file, which appears and behaves the same on the Web and iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices using SHELF, our complete distribution system, or using the free PubReader app for iOS and Android.


No coding. Unless you like it.

Code doesn't scare you? Enjoy our full-featured code editor: add your own HTML controls or embed third-party code (like a Google Map or a TypeForm survey), fine-tune CSS, plug-in your favorite library or run custom JavaScript.


Kindle format

Export your project in the latest MOBI format (named Kindle Format 8) and get your content on the latest Kindle Fire devices.


Masked Image

Let users reveal a picture by using their fingers: you can apply removable effects such as blur, greyscale or sepia or just use another image the covers the original. Guaranteed fun.


EPUB Fixed Layout

Export fully-compliant EPUB 3 Fixed Layout files with support for unique features like JavaScript interactivity, custom fonts, Read Aloud and soundtrack. PubCoder automatically validates your book using W3C’s official EPUBCheck tool to ensure your file is perfectly compliant with the EPUB standard and ready to be distributed on digital bookstores and readable by compatible EPUB Fixed Layout reader apps such as Apple Books or Adobe Digital Editions.


Animate like a pro

Included actions are not enough for you? You can build complex animations in Adobe After Effects and import them in PubCoder as animated SVGs using Bodymovin, use ready-made Lottie or Hype files, create frame-by-frame animations using the built-in editor or, if you are a code guy, use whatever Javascript animation library you like.


Pan & Zoom Image

Enrich your content with images that users can zoom and pan. You can set initial position and bounds to create panorama images, explore maps, zoom photos.


Fine tuned typography

Use whatever font you like: PubCoder supports TrueType, OpenType and WOFF fonts out of the box. And with our in-app Google Fonts browser you can choose and import the right font for your project in a matter of seconds.


Native iOS and Android Apps

Land on App Store and Google Play and bring your digital content to every iOS and Android device, without the need to engage a developer or learn how to code. PubCoder can export your content as a native app which embeds your XPUB digital content, ready to be uploaded to the stores and enjoyed by your users.


Import your
InDesign files

Already have an InDesign file with your layout? You can import and convert it into a PubCoder project file: your text and layouts will be imported exactly as they appear in InDesign, together with your linked assets. Every object in your InDesign project will be an autonomous object in PubCoder, so you will be able to add animations and interactivity with ease.


Learning Games

Engage your users with classic learning games such as Memory, Match word with Picture and Crossword! Creating them in PubCoder is as easy as dragging and dropping images and/or adding definitions, thanks to the included widgets.

Shelf Button
When using Shelf, you can treat those games as assessments and link them to the built-in LMS to gather usage and correctness statistics.


Graphic Powerhouse

Images are at the core of digital publishing, and PubCoder makes it easy to use both bitmap and vector images in all your favorite formats, including PNG, JPEG, SVG and Adobe Photoshop PSD files also, handling format conversions and size optimizations automatically, while enabling you to work with your original files and your favourite editors. Just double-click your image in your PubCoder file to edit in Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity or whatever editor of choice and see the changes live in your PubCoder layout. Missing the right image or icon for the job? Just search for it on Unsplash and The Noun Project without ever leaving PubCoder.